Tuesday 16 July 2013

Heat, Cheese and Blogging

Well... I wont lie to you all, its rather warm here in the Uk at the moment. Rather then roast indoors blogging infront of a computer,I've been very happy out basking in the sun, sipping a glass or two, and of course eating (a ploughmans tastes even nicer this time of year)

So please forgive my lack of posts (I promise to finnish off the many in drafts especially Skegness Blue)   ....but I'd rather be making the most  of this rare weather....I think you'll understand :)

I'm really looking forward to the next 4 weeks .With trips to the Big Cheese Festival in Wales ,Cornish food festival in ermmm.. Cornwall England ,then for a spot of R&R in the Dordogne region of  France. I'm going to have plenty to talk about after those little trips  ..........and feed my belly.

I hope you are all loving  the weather while it lasts ....and offcourse enjoying  a cheese or three.

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